Trevor Botkin of Strategic Business Design firm, Think8, enables individuals, companies and organizations to create an integrated ‘whole’ and shape a strategic structure to realize their full potential. Think8 defines, differentiates and inspires each company, where all personnel and resources can perform at their best to build strong, strategic and sustainable enterprises through constant innovation and collaboration. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations worldwide have adopted Think8’s innovative system to accelerate growth and generate long-term viability. Through 25 years of extensive use and application, Think8 has proven that organizations that adopt a cohesive operating structure can optimize their productivity and drive sales.


INSPIRING UNFORGETTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE – How do we as managers and business owners inspire our staff to deliver unforgettable customer service? Trevor Botkin delivers a motivating presentation that inspires exceptional customer service and motivating employees in the new economy.

CREATING EMPLOYMENT ENGAGEMENT AND LOYALTY – How do you create an environment where your employees want to work? Where they show up and deliver their best out of a sincere desire to see the company flourish and not just to collect a pay-check. By understanding and implementing the five rules of Engagement that lead to loyalty you can be at cause over high-turnover low-morale situations.

Trevor’s gift for story-telling and his passion for connecting with people on a meaningful level has naturally placed him on an international stage as keynote speaker and facilitator.

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