Nancy is a multi-award winning producer, writer and director, with over sixty national and international recognitions for her 7 film and 450 hours of television work. As a Business Designer and Media Consultant, Nancy has advised major corporations including Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest gaming companies, Endemol in South Africa (a multi-billion dollar enterprise), major Universities, The National Film Board, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) along with countless female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Her skills in strategic planning and creative development are widely in demand in the US, Canada and abroad.


FINDING YOUR PURPOSE – As women, we are challenged more than ever as we navigate the many worlds we occupy. We might claim to have a glimmer of our own purpose, but are so often confused by conflicting roles and messages to help align our personal compass to what we are meant to achieve in our life. This talk helps walk women though the initial steps of uncovering and aligning their life’s purpose.

NEGOTIATION – Why do so many of us as women fail to negotiate for ourselves? Why does the concept of negotiating for ourselves scare us? In this talk, Nancy walks through the principles of negotiating successfully as a woman and gives the tips and tools for how to apply these to personal and professional scenarios.

“As professional women, we have gained a lot of wisdom and experience but rarely do we get to share it with each other. It is even more rare to talk openly and honestly about the issues that challenge us and keep us from living authentically. Nancy creates this environment through her talks.”

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