Brigitte Truong is the go-to source in Toronto for the latest trends in lifestyle and entertainment as a Speaker, Producer and host of television show The Watchlist. She’s also regarded as a forward thinking digital/media content creator and a regular personality on red carpets, movie junkets and popular music festivals.

With an unwavering commitment to living a whole-hearted life, Brigitte hopes her work as a creative multi-media producer and speaker inspires people everywhere to take charge of their life and start living it by their own design.


PRODUCING THE OPPORTUNITY – Just like a television host creates the opportunity for compelling interviews to take place, people can learn to harness their skills to produce opportunities in their everyday life for a desired result. In this talk, Brigitte leans on her personal journey in the celebrity and entertainment world to give tactics that can be used in common business practices and personal relationships.

OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF SUCCESS – Growing from the girl who gushed over 90’s sitcom starts, to the one who is interviewing those same celebrities on camera has been a journey with bumps along the road. Overcoming the fear of success was Brigitte’s biggest hurdle, which are lessons she shares in this keynote.

Canadian television host and reporter connects with audiences of all ages as she uses real life experiences, on and off camera, to deliver compelling lessons to make you view challenges in a different way.

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